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Thanks to the active town policy, Ulm and Neu-Ulm offer considerably more than just the  Ulmer Muenster. Those interested will find a real cultural mile here

Theatre, ballet, opera and much more, the Ulmer Dreisparten-Theater, the AuGuS-Theater Neu-Ulm, the Florian Zimmer Theater, the Walther Collection, events in the Ulmer Stadthaus, or on the Muensterplatz.

Fans of Hollywood films and popcorn get their  money’s worth at, among other places, the cinema auditoriums of the  Dietrich-Theater in Neu-Ulm and the Multiplex-Kino Xinedom, in the heart of Ulm.

Alongside the Ulm Museum, the Donauschwaebisches Zentralmuseum, the Edwin-Scharff-Museum in Neu-Ulm and the Naturkundlichen Bildungszentrum, Ulm offers the unique Museum der Brotkultur (formerly Deutsches Brotmuseum) in the Swabian region.

The pronounced Ulm music scene regularly enthuses the public. Alongside the popular event location “Roxy” in Ulm which is used for rock and pop concerts, the Glacis-Stadtpark in Neu-Ulm offers an excellent framework for regularly held Sunday converts, children´s theatre or rock and jazz concerts. In addition, every year the “Ulmer Zelt” offers a stage for national and international stars, for more than 20 years already.

Every two years, the international Donaufest takes place in Friedrichsau. Here, numerous countries along the Danube present specialities, music and art from their own countries of origin.

A particular cultural highlight in the region that deserves a mention is the annual   “Schwörmontag” and the “Nabada” (“Hinunterbaden”). The “Schwörmontag” is a bank holiday in Ulm and dates back to the fourteenth century. Even today, the Lord Major of the town of Ulm annually swears on the Ulm town constitution using the words  “Reichen und Armen ein gemeiner Mann zu sein in allen gleichen, gemeinsamen und redlichen Dingen ohne allen Vorbehalt” (To be a common man to rich and poor, in all the equal, shared and fair things, without reservation). On the afternoon of “Schwörmontag”, the “Nabada” takes places, a colourful parade on the Danube. Topical boats represent a range of different themes that interest the people of the region.

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