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Regional comparison

In the past, the towns of Ulm and Neu-Ulm have been compared with other towns in numerous rankings. The town of Neu-Ulm was given an award as a business friendly community in Bavaria in 2002.

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Prognos future atlas

Town of Ulm

Focus, Capital, Bertelsmannstiftung and other media and organisations have included the town of Ulm in rankings in Baden-Württemberg the Federal Republic of Germany on many occasions in the past. 
Hard location factors such as building land politics or company foundations and soft location factors such as leisure, nature and environmental protection or child and family friendliness were examined. 
In the Prognos examination from July 2004 “Deutschlands Regionen im Zukunftswettbewerb” Ulm was considered one of the few “silent stars” and evaluated as a location with a very high potential for the future. 

    Town of Neu-Ulm

    The town of Neu-Ulm was given a quality award by the Free State of Bavaria in the year 2002 in the category business friendly community. 

    The Stadtentwicklungsverband/town development union founded in 2000 which carries out targeted promotion of the service sector by the edisoncenter and the job database in Saxony-Anhalt for the filling of free specialist jobs was named as an excellent business promotional measure in the laudation .

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